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Let the Praise Begin

By Fred Hammond
A gospel funk track I transcribed and recorded for my Berklee application. Still like it a lot thanks to the wonderful musicians: 
Vocals: Mary Lamaro, Karin Ziegelwanger, Mario Mrazek
Keys: Georg Gruber
Bass: Andrea Fraenzel
Drums: Michael Leibetseder
Drum and bass recording: Chris Scheidl
Vocal recording and mix: Rudi Mille

So fällt Schnee auf Kringså
(As the Snow Falls on Kringså)

VerAndA - free improvisation and songs
Piano - Veronika Humpel
Double bass – Andrea Fraenzel
Recorded by Bruno Pisek in August 2010


Shine a Light – Live

Mary Broadcast Band live at 2011’s „Donauinselfestival“ (Danube island festival).  Situated on an artifical island in the Danube, this is Europe’s biggest free festival with three million people attending each year.

Mary Broadcast Band – line up on this song:
Mary Lamaro: vocals, guitar
Jimi Dolezal: guitar
Julia Radschiner: keys, background vocals
Mario Mrazek and Karin Ziegelwanger: background vocals
Andrea Fraenzel: electric bass
Melissa Hosler: background vocals, drums

Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte

Gesang - Ursula Baumgartl
Gitarre - Martin Spitzer
Recorded by Klaus Schmid, Mixed by Andy Bartosh

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